Top Cycling and Running Apps

10 March

It’s no secret that advances in technology have made life easier and safer than ever before. One example is Proviz’s own REFLECT360 range. Its cutting edge reflective material gives cyclists and runners the edge when it comes to safety and practicality. The next step for any tech savvy cyclist or runner is a comprehensive app for your phone. You can now carry around everything from exercise logs, detailed maps, heart rate monitors, and full bicycle manuals, all on your phone. Take a look at a few of the most highly rated.

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This app has been touted as the most advanced for cycling, mountain biking, and running. It give you a selection of features, including maps, graphs, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, and training plans. You can keep a track of everything from your heart rate, bike speed, and bike power to your workouts and past statistics. The app is free with the core features, but you can upgrade to add more advanced settings. The downside is that it is built exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iCloud, meaning that Android and other operating systems miss out.


Strava is a nice and fairly simple running and cycling app that allows you to connect with friends and other users. You can log and analyse all of your work-outs, map routes and times, and then compare your stats with your own past efforts and others who have run or ridden the same course. The social side of the app allows you to follow other riders and runners, and in doing so, keeps your motivation up as you track the competition. Strava also has the advantage of working on both iOS and Android, but it doesn’t have the same extensive features of Cyclemeter.

Bike Repair

This handy little app gives you step-by-step guides about how to fix your bike when something goes wrong, and 58 detailed photo guides that make repairing your bike simple and straightforward. This is a great app to have on your phone just in case. It stores the history of what you’ve done to your bike, so you know what has broken before and what you did to fix it. It also has a price comparison tool so you can check part prices from 13 online cycling retailers. The only downside is that this app isn’t free, it will set you back £2.49 for iOS and £1.93 for Android.