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The Ultimate Winter Hiking Edit

There are some really exciting hiking opportunities that are better in the winter, either because the terrain and conditions are more challenging or the views more expansive. And, let’s face it, there is nothing quite as picturesque as a snowy landscape w......

8 times the bike has revolutionised the world

Following on from our story about World Bicycle Relief’s incredible work, we got to thinking – what other ways has the beloved bike had an impact on society? So without further ado, here’s the Invision shortlist of the top 8 times in which bicycles have ......

Best and Worst Exercises for Your Body

It’s scary to think that there are many exercise and training methods commonly used that do nothing for your body, and worse still, can be quite dangerous

4 Health Benefits of Exercising Outside

We all know winter can be a very gloomy time, with the sun rising and setting before you’ve had time to blink. But now that its summer, it’s finally your chance to get out in the sunshine and get some much needed exercise

How to Train During Winter

Training and exercising in winter is tough, even for the most motivated among us. But as the temperature drops, the days get shorter, and the food gets more ‘comforting’, it’s still important to remain active

Top tips for marathon preparation

Have you got a place in next year’s London Marathon? If so…congratulations!

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