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What Makes High Performance Clothing

Performance doesn’t just come down to personal ability. If you have the wrong equipment and the wrong clothes, you may find yourself going slower and exerting more energy

Cycling in Winter

Despite cold, short days – and even snow and ice - you can still keep cycling comfortably and safely

10 Tips for Cycling in the Rain

Sooner or later, everyone will be faced with riding in the rain, and with a little knowledge and the appropriate gear, spinning through showers can actually be an enjoyable experience

10 Tips for Safe Cycling

We all hear about some of the dangers on the roads, but here are some good tips to help keep you safe

Interesting Facts About Hi Viz Sportswear

Interesting Facts About Hi Viz Sportswear

Proviz - How it started

A lot of people ask us, how did you come up with the idea of Proviz? It was interesting to look through some archives last week and see some of the photos that the founder took on his bike each morning to show people improvising with their current clothin......

Two Commuters Talk Cycling in the Darker Months

Proviz talks to two London-based cycling commuters – Steve, a keen cyclist who's biked to work for the past three years, and Anthony, a recent convert – to find out what tips and tricks can help you through the darker days.

The Essential Cycling Kit Edit

You don’t actually need a lot of kit to get started with cycling, except, of course, a bike. But the right gear can help you perform better, make you more comfortable and keep you safe. Why not give the gym kit a miss and check out some clothing and equip......

Freestyle Telemark which type of skier are you

Ever fancied trying a different type of skiing? Or, perhaps this is your first time on the slopes and you want to know what to expect? We’ve got you covered in our Proviz ski style guide

More Cycling in Your Life

Mid-June sees the arrival of Bike Week – a UK celebration of all things cycling. So, if you’re thinking it’s time to blow the cobwebs off your bike, check out our guide on how to get more pedal-power into your life.

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