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The best sleep apps to help you snooze better

Getting enough sleep is crucial for our health and wellbeing and it is recommended that as adults we get at least seven hours of shut-eye every night. Blue light from your phone can affect your sleeping patterns, but if you’re careful there are ways in wh......

Beat the January blues

It's a tough month. But, there are simple things we can do to boost our mood, starting with a better understanding the role diet and exercise has on our brain

Keeping hydrated why water matters

With so many of our bodily functions relying on water, it’s important to make sure you’re drinking enough and replenishing what you lose during exercise.

5 Summer Fitness Fads

Every Summer, the Proviz team likes to make a record of the latest and best fitness exercises taking the world by storm. This is because mixing up your workout routine is a great way to keep pushing the body and stay healthy without getting bored

How is Dry January Going

Two weeks’ into any new regime can feel like a lifetime, especially if you’re one of the millions of us who enjoyed ourselves a little too much over the festive season. If you’ve made it this far….well done! To help you through the next couple of week......

The truth about Caffeine

Caffeine. It wakes you up and can enhance athletic performance, but it can also stop you sleeping; it’s addictive but legal. So is it good for us, or bad? What does it really do to our bodies and can it be useful in an exercise regime?

Lets Get Running founder Shaun Dixon on the inclusive power of running

As an ex-international runner, who competed at international level, Shaun first started offering personal coaching for clients back in 2011. The desire to help other runners who were struggling to improve their technique and make it a part of their routin......

Self-love tough-talk and body positivity with personal trainer Shana Stewart

Invision grabbed 10 minutes with Shana to talk about what personal fitness means to her and how she helps her clients.

Keep well Keep exercising this winter

Autumn has arrived rather quickly this year, which means more colds, coughs and other illnesses. But why do we tend to get more bugs in winter and how can we prevent them?

How to keep your New Year Resolutions Past January

One common question that crops up towards the end of January amongst friends and family alike is “How’s the New Year’s resolution going?” Around one third of us make them every year, however, sadly a whopping 80% of us will have failed by the second week ......

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