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New Fitness Trends

The new year is always a great time to give your fitness routine a bit of a boost, so we’ve checked out the latest fitness trends heading to a gym near you.

Starting a fitness regime from scratch

It’s that time of the year where we love to set new health goals and challenges. But how do you make sure they’re sustainable? Check out our tips to get you started.

How to Keep Fit and Healthy on Holiday

Holiday exercise doesn’t have to be a chore and we’ve put together a few tips to try to help you maintain a healthy balance, without being a killjoy…

How to Stay Healthy ish Over Christmas

One thing we don’t tend to associate with Christmas is being healthy! So, we asked nutritional therapist Issy Lowndes for her tips to help keep you healthy, or at the very least to avoid starting January on the back foot.

6 Ways to do Pancake Day the Healthy Way

Depending how you make your pancake or crêpe, they can be a very healthy meal or snack option, particularly if you opt for wholemeal or alternative grain flours, minimal sugar and then top with a variety of colours. But what if you’re avoiding gluten, dai......

A Guide to Exercise and Snacking

Should you snack before, during or after exercise? For a lot of us this questions leads to a dozen others – will it make me feel sick? Will I feel faint if I don’t? Will it help my endurance? The answer isn’t black and white as we're all different, so we ......

The Health Benefits of Cycling

If, like many, you're beginning to tire of spending your mornings stuck in endless queues of heavy traffic, you may have considered cycling to work

Running Marathons in the UK

It’s always rewarding to achieve your goals. To set yourself a challenge and work towards accomplishing it. You may even surprise yourself and surpass it by miles

Protein powders – which, why and when

Think that protein shakes are just for body builders? Think again – these handy powders can be just what your body needs to get a quick protein fix

why carbohydrates matter

Carbohydrates often get a bad rap for being at best, bloating and, at worst, fattening, so we take a look at some of the reasons why this food group is, in fact, vital to a balanced diet.

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