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What is Sportive Cycling

Looking for a new cycling challenge? Then perhaps it’s time you tried a sportive. Thousands of Britons take part each year, but what is sportive and what’s all the buzz about?

Best Halloween Fun Runs in the UK

With hundreds of great spooky fun runs around the UK, Halloween is a great excuse for getting some fun exercise into your Autumn schedule. And the bonus is? Most are in aid of charity, all are in aid of fitness. Here are a few we’d like to, ahem, sink our......

Team nocturnal running by night

Looking to mix up her running life a bit, Proviz fan Hannah decided to try out a night race. Here, she shares her experiences, along with tips for other night-time runs to try out.

Spice up your running style with a National Trust Night Run

Taking place at National Trust locations all over the country, these night-time trail runs cater for all ages and abilities and are split between two difficulty levels. Events which are not about the time in which you finish, but the enjoyment of mass-par......

Advice for new triathletes

There’s something quite special about endurance sport – that mix of physical fitness and mental stamina speaks volumes about the way in which we humans like to push ourselves

Marvellous night for a MoonWalk

Thousands of people will take to the streets of London this May for the 20th MoonWalk London. Find out how this iconic charity event started and check our tips for first timers.

Light On PTSD Illuminating an important topic

This July, a special group of cyclists will be taking part in a 24-hour event to raise awareness around PTSD and Proviz will be with them all the way.

Five Coolest Running Achievements in History

In keeping with the weather (which, in the UK, where we’re writing from, is nearly as cool as these running achievements), we’ve been looking around the internet to bring you what we think are the coolest running achievements of all time

Racing Across America

This June, one of the world’s toughest road races – Race Across America – kicks off for its 36th consecutive year. We spoke to a 2016 participant to see what’s in store for this year’s racers.

The Best Canine Companions for Running

We thought we’d ask Proviz followers to help us create our own Dog Jog Hall of Fame. We asked for your stories of running with your four-legged friends – many of whom challenge conventional understanding of which dogs make the best running partners.

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